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Why Series betting is different from individual betting


Series betting is different from individual betting since in individual a bettor place a bet with online cricket id on a specific individual player or team, but in series betting, they get a chance to place a bet on both teams who are competing in a specific cricket match series. To understand the difference in series betting many factors need to be considered like performance in past cricket series, Form of the players, strength of the team and condition of the playing.

Top wicket in series

The bettor can place a bet with the cricket betting id on the player who has the potential to take most of the wickets in a specific cricket series. The condition of the pitch, the performance of the teams while playing against the same opponent in past cricket series, matchups and form of a bowler should be evaluated by a bettor while considering different options of players, who take most of the wickets in cricket series. If the bettor analyzes the performance of the team carefully when they were competing against a specific team in their past matches, it can help them to make an accurate prediction that can be really beneficial for them.

The best player of the series

The player who achieve the title of best performer by giving their amazing performance during overall cricket series can be bet on by the bettors with their online cricket betting id due to their amazing performance. The contribution of a specific player, their impact on the outcome of the series , performance of winning a match and their consistency should be assessed while evaluating odds of a cricket series of a player. The best players of the series provide an opportunity to the bettor to make predictions on the basis of the performance of these best players.

Prop betting in series

The prop bats that have been offered by different bookmakers during cricket series should be explored by the bettors before making any kind of prediction or placing a bet with their online cricket id on specific cricket teams during series cricket matches. The hauls of five wickets, total count of the centuries made by a team or the total number of the catches by a team player should be included during series cricket betting. The condition of the playing by the players, as per the condition of the ground, all the trends that have been followed by the teams in past and the overall dynamics of the players during series betting should be analyzed properly by the bettors to make a correct decision while considering proper betting in the series.


To understand the difference between series betting and individual betting some factors need to be analyzed carefully because they may look common, but can have different impact on the outcome of cricket match in the series, the best player of the series and prop betting in series should be consider by the bettors while placing a bet in different cricket match series due to their many type of opportunities that comes with it because it is really beneficial for the bettors to have a better understanding about series, cricket betting before making any bet.

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